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Manoons Tuscan

The Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull´Arno is the place where our creations come to life, step by step from the selection of materials up to the last details. 

Tanning began here in the mid-19 C, and today 35% of Italian leather production and 98% of Italian leather soles are produced here

Specialty production by small and therefore flexible firms is central to the success of the leather-ware industry in the same way as it is to the Italian steel industry where the ability to do small runs to unusual specifications has saved the entire sector. This, in turn, is related historically to the artisan tradition of Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy.

The whole process happens concerning the natural environment, thanks to the vegetable tanning process, the key to our manufacturing philosophy.

Vegetable tanning uses, in fact, natural substances, the tannins, which give to the leather unique qualities such as warm colors and a beautiful, varying shine to the surface of the finished product. 

This ancient art is also open to the future, to ensure the survival of this lifestyle, which harmonizes with the territory and its expression of the great value we want to represent by manufacturing an excellent product.

Manoons Tuscan


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